Terms & Conditions

Client satisfaction is our top priority! In an effort to provide our guests with the best possible
experience at every visit, we have outlined a few policies:


All terms governing the purchase and refund of items or subscriptions are denoted in Canadian dollars. Please bear in mind while making a purchase that HST is not included.

Membership Passes

Not all members register for the same period. Verily, the expiration and renewal of each membership depends on the type of package/subscription purchased. Kindly check details of each membership pass before purchasing.

Note: In the case of expired classes, clients can repurchase the same or enroll to a new membership pass (except Ultimate Single Pass), and apply to reactivate/rollover the expired classes (Please speak to our front desk team and they will be happy to assist)


Ultimate Hot Pilates and Yoga does not provide any refunds on membership passes. However, if you’ve purchased something tangible from our studio store, and wish to return it, please make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Apply for a return within 30-days of purchasing the item
  • The purchased product shouldn’t show any signs of wearability
  • All tags originally attached/sewn should be intact

Membership Transfers

All membership passes are for personal use. No transfers are permitted

Suspensions & Cancellations

Memberships cannot be suspended for any period of time, unless in the event of sever medical emergency (Please speak to our front desk team and they will be happy to assist). Auto renewed monthly memberships can be cancelled with 15 days notice.

Declined Payments

Any declined payments on memberships, credit cards, NSF debit request maybe subjected to a fee.

Terms & Conditions

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at clientcare@ultimatehpy.com