Everything you need to know before coming for a yoga or pilates session

  • Please arrive at the studio 10 minutes before the class you wish to attend.
  • Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat, towel, and water bottle. The front desk will also provide you with a complementary water bottle and hand towel.
  • Stay hydrated by consuming plenty of water throughout the day before attending the class.
  • To improve your class experience, avoid eating heavy meals within 2-3 hours of the class. Instead, concentrate on sticking to a healthy eating schedule throughout the day.
  • Please respect our scent-free policy by avoiding from using scented goods such as perfume, cologne, body lotion, sprays, and similar items in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.
  • Please keep all personal items, including mobile phones and electrical devices, in the designated area in the studio.
  • We recommend wearing lightweight clothing to the classes to ensure you are comfort because the room is heated up to 40 degrees Celsius for HOT yoga and 37 degrees Celsius for HOT Pilates and HOT sculpt.
  • It is best to start slowly and progressively adapt to the heat while familiarizing yourself with the motions and breathing methods. Allow yourself time to adjust, and you will feel at ease and comfortable within 5-10 classes. Be patient with your development and have fun on the way!
  • Above all, remember to have fun! Our community is extremely kind, inviting, and supporting. We are always available to help. Before or after class, feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

Please e-mail us or call us directly if you have additional questions.

Call: 905-643-6799