Welcome to Ultimate Hot Pilates & Yoga​

Step into the heat and discover the incredible benefits of Hot Pilates & Hot Yoga! Enjoy this spacious studio offering verity of Hot Pilates and Hot Yoga classes with our certified and passionate instructors.

Discover a diverse range of classes made to suit your fitness goals! Whether you’re looking to burn calories with HIIT Pilates or seeking serenity with Yin Yoga, our studio offers a class style perfect for everyone. Embrace this holistic approach, where these complementary workouts fulfill all your fitness needs in an incredible setting.

Why Hot Pilates?

Pilates has been around for decades but that doesn’t mean we can’t put our spin on it. At Ultimate Hot Pilates & Yoga, we use best practices to formulate exciting exercises that will burn fat, harmonize internal balance to build core strength, sculpt the body and drastically reduce water weight.

So, whether you wish to drop some pounds or simply tone muscles, expect to be immersed in a wholesome experience that builds endurance and curbs post-injury pain! No matter the fitness level, our instructors are fully equipped to support you through different phases of your journey.

Our workouts gently push the boundaries to help you systemically overcome new physical challenges in a controlled environment.

Benefits of Hot Pilates:

✓ Promote weight loss and tone muscles by burning fat

✓ Improve core strength, balance, and endurance

✓ Increase flexibility, mobility, and range of motion

✓ Reduce back pain, prevent injuries, and enhance sports performance

✓ Reduce stress, anxiety and boost immunity

✓ Look and feel the best version of yourself

Why Hot Yoga?

Practiced in a room set to optimal temperature up to 37 degrees C, our hot yoga classes are a brilliant way to enhance your overall well-being. We follow practices rooted in ancient studies and contemporary research to help detoxify your body, open up pores, and stimulate sweating so bodily impurities are effectively released from the skin.

As the heat of the room reaches your inner chakra, a steady increase in heart rate paves the way for faster blood circulation, and thus, lowers blood pressure while improving cardiovascular health.

Our goal is to improve flexibility while focusing on common mobility issues that may be hindering you from reaching your physical potential.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

✓ Increase strength, flexibility and balance

✓ Support cardiovascular health, regulate blood glucose levels and improve skin quality

✓ Remove toxins from the body and improve sleep quality

✓ Reduce stress and depression

✓ Help lose weight and increase bone density

Our coaches are more than just coaches

Experience the contagious energy of our group workout sessions, where you’ll not only feel the collective enthusiasm, but also benefit from the personalized attention and motivation provided by our experienced instructors. They embody the passion they instill and guide you with a perfect blend of tough love and encouragement, pushing you forward to achieve your fitness goals.


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