Hot Pilates Fusion

Experience a dynamic and invigorating workout with our Hot Pilates Fusion class! This unique class seamlessly blends together the best aspects of different workout styles, including Barre, Yoga, strength training, cardio and dance, to bring a modern and exciting twist to the traditional Mat Pilates.  In this class, we place strong focus on strengthening and engaging your core muscles and we take it a step further by incorporating elements from various disciplines, ensuring a well-rounded workout that will challenge your body in a whole new way. Our Pilates Fusion class aims to not only tone and sculpt your muscles, but also to stretch and flex them, promoting both strength and flexibility.  Whether you’re new to Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, join us for a class that will leave you feeling energized, balanced and empowered.

Benefits of this class:

  • Get a full-body workout through variety of fun exercises
  • Build core strength
  • Enhance flexibility

Hot HIIT Pilates

Experience a workout that is both gentle on your joints and equally challenging! Our Hot High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, infused with Pilates principles, engages your entire body, allowing you to sculpt, flaunt and admire your tones curves.  These sessions incorporate sets of high-intensity training to boost your metabolism and torch fat.  Elevate your sports performance and enhance your everyday mobility by exercising in our temperature-controlled room, set up to a comfortable 37 degrees Celsius. For those who have struggled with weight loss through conventional methods, try our Hot HIIT Pilates classes to receive incredible benefits, particularly when guided by our exceptional instructors.

Benefits of this class:

  • High-calorie burn & promote weight loss
  • Increase endurance
  • Effective cardiovascular workout

Hot Pilates Sculpt

Discover the transformative power of Hot Pilates Sculpt – a dynamic fusion of Pilates and sculpting exercises. This class combines heat’s muscle-relaxing benefits with Pilates’ core engagement and full-body sculpting movements, enhance flexibility, and promotes total body toning. With efficient workouts designed to maximize results, you’ll build strength, endurance, and a deeper mind-body connection. Energizing music and expert guidance in this class creates an empowering atmosphere that will leave you refreshed and stronger, both physically and mentally.

Benefits of this class:

  • Total body sculpting
  • Build strength and endurance
  • Stronger mind-body connection

Hot Mat Pilates

Immerse yourself in the revitalizing experience of Hot Mat Pilates. This class combines the precision of Pilates with the muscle-relaxing benefits of heat, enhancing flexibility and promoting core strength. Through a series of controlled movements, you’ll engage your muscles, improve posture, and experience a deep mind-body connection. The heat elevates your practice, leaving you refreshed and more in tune with your body. Elevate your Pilates journey with Hot Mat Pilates and enjoy the transformative warmth of movement.  This class is suitable for all new Pilates enthusiasts and also welcomes seasoned practitioners.

Benefits of this class:

  • Increase core strength and improve posture
  • Enhance flexibility and prevent injury
  • Increase energy

Hot Pilates Flow

Experience the revitalizing effects of our Hot Pilates Flow, a class this is designed to improve your overall body awareness, posture, and core strength through a series of flowing exercises inspired by the principles of Pilates. In this class, you will be guided through a sequence of dynamic movements that flow from one exercise to the next. Each exercise is designed to target numerous muscle groups, providing a balanced and effective workout for the entire body. Whether your goals are to burn fat, sculpt muscles, increase flexibility, or achieve a full-body workout, this class is inclusive and adaptable, catering to individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Benefits of this class:

  • Build strength and endurance
  • Enhance flexibility and prevent injury
  • High-calorie burn & promote weight loss

Hot Booty Blaster

Welcome to our Lower Body Sculpt & Tone class! This dynamic fitness class targets and sculpts your lower body, focusing on toning and shaping your glutes through Pilates-based dynamic exercises, enhancing strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance.  Led by experienced instructors, this class offers a comprehensive workout suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Whether youre aiming to build strength, enhance muscle definition, or simply enjoy a lively workout, this class provides a supportive and enjoyable environment to achieve your fitness goals.

Benefits of this class:

  • Increase lower body strength & prevent injuries 
  • Improve posture 
  • Boost confidence


Hot Yin Fusion

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed after a demanding day? Take a moment to unwind and find serenity through a delightful fusion of Hatha and Yin yoga. Begin your class with traditional Hatha yoga, gradually transition into the soothing and elongating postures of Yin yoga, which gently warm your body from within. These specially crafted sessions aim to promote healing and enhance your flexibility. By focusing on specific areas such as the lower spine and pelvis, Yin yoga eases tension in your muscles, all while you immerse yourself in the soft glow of candlelight. Let our Hot Yin Fusion class create a tranquil atmosphere for a revitalizing experience that nurtures both your mind and spirit.

Benefits of this class:

  • Reduce stress and enhance relaxation
  • Improve joint mobility and enhance range of motion
  • Improve circulation

Hot Yoga 60

Our Original Hot Yoga class lasts for 60 minutes and consists of 12 to 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, each performed twice. This class combines hatha yoga with Vinyasa flow, aiming to offer a challenging, rejuvenating, and effective yoga experience. Every posture in these classes is unique and aids in relieving muscle knots, releasing tension, and soothing misalignments caused by previous injuries. Our gentle poses are combined with movements that strengthen the core, promoting harmony and encouraging autonomy over your body, even during periods of physical stress.  In these classes, you will engage your entire body in a safe and methodical manner to attain maximum therapeutic benefits. Our certified instructors are committed to your satisfaction and are determined to make a positive impact. They go the extra mile to ensure that beginners feel equally welcome alongside experienced yoga enthusiasts.

Benefits of this class:

  • Improve flexibility and joint health
  • Enhance cardiovascular fitness
  • Promote detoxification & nourishes skin

Hot Yoga Fusion

Hot Yoga Fusion class combines traditional hot yoga with the fluid movements of Vinyasa yoga and core-strengthening elements of Pilates. These sessions help you improve your upper body strength, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance by synchronizing your breath and movements. The class incorporates various props like weights, Pilates balls, blocks, resistance bands, and more, offering a comprehensive and well-rounded workout experience for your overall well-being. After each session, you will feel calm, more in touch with your body and mind, and full of new energy, all set to start your day with a fresh burst of strength and balance inside.

Benefits of this class:

  • Enhance flexibility and strength
  • Improve mind-body connection
  • Increase cardiovascular endurance

Dynamic Hot Yoga

Join us for an exhilarating and Dynamic Hot yoga class, a challenging and playful Vinyasa flow designed to engage your entire body. In this session, we will guide you through an invigorating experience that includes challenging standing poses, bursts of cardio, and the option to explore advanced variations that suit your journey. Get ready to experience a playful and expressive practice that seamlessly blends strength-building with a touch of fun. Our Dynamic Hot yoga class is a journey of fluidity and stability, so step onto your mat with an open heart and a willingness to explore. This class is especially recommended for those who are eager to advance their practice and unlock new levels of strength and flexibility.

Benefits of this class:

  • Get a full-body workout
  • Better cardiovascular conditioning
  • Increase strength and range of motion